Hello, my name is Luke Her, and I am the Founder/Executive Director of Matrix World Organization, Inc. (MWO).  The MWO is a non-profit, charitable organization, founded in November 2014.  After over 20 years of education and life experiences, I have learned many skills and I feel there is a need to pass it on to the future generations.  My father had many skills and secrets of healing that were never passed on to his children throughout his 89 years of life.  However, I have naturally inherited his abilities to heal and give wellness to the people around me.  All the services provided here are skills I've learned and maintained since childhood.  My mission and the MWO's mission is to educate the world using technology and wellness services.  We strive to help all generations of people live a better lifestyle and provide jobs for people based on what they are truly passionate about.  Two quotes I would like to share is from one of my predecessors and the other one is from me,

"We do things not by how they need to be done, but by how they should be done."

"If you're not moving, you're losing."

Luke Her

Founder/Executive Director

Brenda Gonzalez

Administrative Assistant

Human Resources/Translator

Glen Fox

Board of Directors

Business Owner

LaCharla Fox

Board of Directors

Business Owner

James Riopelle

Board of Directors

Business & Marketing

Mary Alberts

Wellness Educator

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